How Would You Like To Find The Optimal Balance Of Logic And Emotions?
Even if You've Read Books Or Taken Other Trainings Before. This short 45 min MasterClass Will Be A Game Changer For You.

Are you ready to upgrade your Mental Software? 
(My fancy way of saying your belief and value system 😂)
  • Be honest, have you been a little moody lately? 
  • Has your energy been low?
  • Are you holding any grudges?
  • Can you use a quick emotional reset?
  • This course will give you REAL solutions to any of the above problems and much more.  


Meet DB Bedford

The Ei Guy

DB Bedford

DB Bedford is the CEO and founder of iNeverWorry Consulting a company that specializes in Emotional Intelligence and trains staff and leadership on how to effectively manage their behavior and make better personal decisions to achieve positive results. Mr. Bedford is a highly coveted public speaker and well-regarded author of three amazing books such as iNeverWorry, 30 Days to Emotional Wellness and Black Intelligence. Mr. Bedford is known as one of the best workplace trainers in the field of Emotional Intelligence. One of the things that separates Mr. Bedford from his contemporaries is his empirical knowledge gained by growing up on the rough streets of Oakland, California which is a community that is regularly listed as one of the most violent cities in America. As a result of his turbulent upbringing Mr. Bedford ultimately learned how to use Emotional Intelligence to survive and navigate complex social situations. The authenticity of his background makes him uniquely qualified to administer this extremely multifaceted work. Mr. Bedford has accumulated over 20 years of professional experience and certifications in consulting and training with an extensive background in criminal justice and crisis intervention. He has taught and trained staff at many of the world’s top corporations and universities such as Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Arizona State University and Cal State East Bay just to name a few. His training approach is revolutionary and will shift the paradigm of any company or individual that participates in his program and trainings. DB enjoys playing poker, day trading stocks and traveling in his spare time while enjoying the company of his wife and children.